The best tiny houses of 2021 – New Atlas

The best tiny houses of 2021 – New Atlas

This year has been a bumper one for downsizing and, as 2022 fast approaches, we’ve chosen a selection of the most interesting, innovative, and well-designed examples of small living we’ve seen throughout the year.

Our selection of the best tiny houses of 2021 has been carefully chosen to reflect the incredible variety present in the small living movement.

So, as well as some traditional tiny houses on wheels, which range in size from compact models meant for regular travel to huge behemoths that will probably never leave their plot, we’ve also included an innovative home that was constructed using a 3D printer, a shipping container-based dwelling, and even a residence that folds to make transport by truck easier.

With such things in mind and in no particular order, here are our favorite tiny houses of the year. Be sure to head to the gallery to see more photos of each one – and let us know your own top tiny house builds of 2021 in the comments.

Magnolia V7 – Minimaliste

Visitors enter the Magnolia V7 through a large glass sliding door


Minimaliste has been iterating on its popular Magnolia model for years now and this seventh version caters to those who want to live life on wheels, but without sacrificing the space and comfort of a more traditional home.

Measuring 38.5 ft (11.7 m) in length, the Magnolia V7 offers a roomy apartment-like interior with a spacious living room and bedroom, plus a well-stocked kitchen. It’s also well insulated and has a very high level of airtightness, which means that it performs well in extremes of both heat and cold.

Gaia – Pin-Up Houses

The Gaia, by Pin-Up Houses, is an inexpensive shipping container-based home that cost just $21,000 to build

Jakub Zdechovan

The Gaia, by Pin-Up Houses, is a shipping container-based home that runs fully off-the-grid using solar power and a rainwater collection system.

The home is based on a 6 x 2.4 m (20 x 8 ft) container and has been modified with a roof shade and a drop-down deck area that’s operated using a winch. Its interior is mostly taken up by one main room that doubles as living space and sleeping area, plus it also features a kitchenette and a separate bathroom nearby.

Brette Haus

The Brette Haus is primarily constructed from CLT (cross-laminated timber)

Brette Haus

Brette Haus’ eponymous tiny house is a bit of an odd one. Though portable, rather than being based on wheels, like many tiny houses, this pint-sized dwelling actually folds in on itself for easier transport by truck. According to its designers, the home is rated for up to 100 relocations.

Once on-site, installation takes just three hours and it also doesn’t require a permanent foundation. The interior is simple and, depending on the layout, contains a living space, kitchen, and an upstairs bedroom. There are also lots of options available, including its size and whether it runs on or off-the-grid.

Casa Ojalá – Beatrice Bonzanigo



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