B-52s, Buc-ees, tiny homes and more had readers buzzing in 2023 – San Antonio Report

There was no shortage of newsworthy events in San Antonio in 2023, and the San Antonio Report’s readers were up to the task of making their opinions known on some very buzz-worthy stories.

Here’s a look at some of their comments on some top stories over the year.

Small homes, big response

The story “Tiny homes on small lots popping up in San Antonio area” was of huge interest to readers, but not everyone was thrilled by what they read, particularly about the cost.

Mr Sanchez had this to say on our site: “This shows financial literacy or basic math is at a low point. $342/sq.foot is nearly three times the cost of my 1700 square foot home on 1/4 acre puppy-happy lot, near Culebra Rd, at its current market value. Poor people will continue to be poor, renters will own nothing and be happy.”

From MiChelle Garibay-Carey on Facebook: “We need more affordable housing in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Our senior citizens and working poor are struggling to find places to live in that they can afford.”

If they build it …

Seven years and one mysterious billboard later, residents in the Boerne area got the news that they long suspected was coming: “Buc-ee’s bound for Boerne after years of roadwork and other delays.”

A lot of commenters on Facebook were excited by the news.

From Becky Turturro Stokes: “Looking forward to it, they have the best scones I have ever eaten.”

Claire Arredondo-Lemons and Michele Dalbis-Robledo had the same reaction: “About time!”

And others made pleas for a Buc-ee’s in other parts of the state.

Laura Holder Roderick: “Build one in the Midland/Odessa area!!”

Karen Hons: “Need one between San Antonio and Floresville! That would be awesome.”

But the lure of Beaver Nuggets, jerky and “the world’s cleanest bathrooms” aren’t enough for some to make a pit stop.

Robert Abe Abraham: “Glad the road work is done so I can drive right past it!”

An upgrade for a BUFF

“San Antonio’s Boeing facility gets another boost from upgrading B-52s” prompted a wave of nostalgia for residents of Military City, particularly on Facebook.

From Johnny Turner: “I was in the Air Force more than 50 years ago [and] I am still amazed at this plane. The first time I saw one up close I was amazed and still am. Go Air Force.”

Pete Siegel: “Three generations of AF pilots and crewmembers have flown the B-52. With this upgrade there will be a fourth and maybe a fifth generation.”

And Terrance Keesee reminded everyone about the bomber’s nickname: “BUFF [Big Ugly Fat Fellow] to the moon … all aboard!”

The Wemby era begins

San Antonio Spurs fans were thrilled when 7-foot-4 Frenchman Victor Wembanyama was selected as the team’s No. 1 draft pick. And when Wemby met up with another fan favorite, Facebook readers gave a warm welcome to the phenom via our story: Breakfast tacos and dinner with Hall of Famers: Wembanyama quickly gets comfortable in San Antonio.

Rosa Badillo: “Welcome to our beautiful San Antonio Tx. I hope you like it. The heat will probably be gone by November. Stay Cool n welcome again “

Joan Petersen: “He is going to be such a wonderful asset to our wonderful Spurs!! Welcome to SanAntonio !!!”

Gayle Embrey: “VIVA Wemby“

Not your daddy’s underpass

The transformation of a dark and gritty underpass into a brightly colored playscape had readers expressing their approval in Underused underpass near Market Square now an urban recreational space on Facebook.

Trudy Edwards: “Love this! It’s great to see San Antonio reimagining and repurposing some of these underused spaces. I’d love to see what else could be done with these spaces.”

The Pass at Market Square, under Interstate 35 between Dolorosa and Commerce streets, features pingpong tables, swings and a colorful basketball court. Credit: Bria Woods / San Antonio Report

Janie Zamarripa: “That is awesome!! Very refreshing to see something that beautiful and positive in the ❤️ of the west side of town.”

San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign: “Now that’s what I’m talking about! Using our city funds to beautify, mobilize and revitalize those areas that can be utilized and transformed into safe fun, needed and functional facilities for our communities. Excellent work SA.”

The return of a Westside landmark

“Restored Lerma’s Nite Club set to reopen this month as Westside cultural center” had some readers strolling — or should I say dancing — down memory lane on Facebook.

Josie Gomez: “Wow! That’s awesome! Lots of great memories! Back in the day they were so much fun! Old school bailamos y platicamos hasta el amanecer. “

Alma Carrillo: “Wow. I remember this place I had my quince there back in the 80’s.”

Elida Barrera: “That’s awesome! Congratulations! My parents would go dancing every weekend and meet up with their friends. “