“Bangor Tiny Home Park Ready to Open its Doors in 6 Months – Latest Updates from Bangor Daily News”


Building Quality, Affordable Housing with Tiny Homes: The Bangor Case Study

Many cities and towns are facing the challenge of providing affordable housing. In Bangor, Maine, the city’s development of 34 tiny homes at a former mobile home park is quickly becoming a great solution to the housing scarcity crisis.

In February of last year, Bangor city councilors approved the project and landlords Louie Morrison and his crew have since made great progress. 20 of the homes have already been built, with the remaining 14 slated for completion in late spring or early summer. With the capacity to build three homes each month, the project is a testament to timely and efficient housing construction.

Morrison views the tiny homes project as a “real solution to a real problem” which could not be achieved faster. This is all especially true as the city has prioritised expanding and improving housing in Bangor throughout 2024, aiming to provide more available housing and address the aging housing stock and rising prices of the Maine area.

With tiny homes, low-income families can rest assured there is quality housing out there that is still cost effective. Additionally, landlords are provided with a cost effective and responsible means of providing housing for their tenants. The Bangor case study serves then as an example of how the construction of tiny homes can provide durability, affordability and quality all in one.